Parts of recent history - Okanogan Highlands

There are many aspect of history in the area, depending on the researcher's point of view. Early explorers, Native Americans, the homesteaders, prospectors, and more. It is my intent to touch on much of it in this portion of the blog. 

Lets start with a well known, man-made landmark - The Ansorage Hotel.
Curlew's Ansorage Hotel Museum

Wander thru the town of Curlew, on the banks of the Kettle River and you’ll find the Ansorge Hotel, built adjacent to the Great Northern Railway in 1903. The Ansorge is now a museum retaining many of it’s original furnishings and all of it’s charm. The local curators of the small, but lovingly cared for museum, still allow visitors to browse nearly every room in the hotel which features include over-hanging bay windows viewing the nearby Kettle River and main street of Curlew. The building siding is stamped sheet metal formed in the appearance of bricks, knotted rope ladders at each of the second-story windows and volumes of antiques ranging from furniture, tools, tack, appliances, clothing and books. The Ansorage Hotel is a real treasure trove.
I'll let these composite images from the Ansorage Hotel Museum, below, speak for themselves (click on image for larger view)...
Ansorage Hotel Museum
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As the cold winds blew in the year 1888 two prospectors worked their way into northern Okanogan County with a shared dream. That vision came true when  The prospectors Tommy Ryan and Phil Creasor discovered high quality gold ore at near where now the ghost-town of Bodi stands vacant along Toroda Creek. The future looked bright as Ryan and Creasor mined, milled and processed the ore in the growing town of Bodi. Bright until 46 years later when 1934  falling gold prices closed the mine and emptied the buildings. Here’s what the Bodi ghost-town looks like now.

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Miners Cabin...
Following right along with the old Bodi mine and the mid Toroda Creek area; here's an old miner's cabin located just up Beaver Canyon off Toroda Creek. 

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On the U.S. Canadian Border...
Okanogan County, like many other areas has had an active historical society. Markers like this one, commemorating the  town site of Sidley B.C.  give a snapshot of history.

Another photograph from the Sidley / Molson area. 
For more info about the Molson area or to visit the Molson Museum:
Molson Museum

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Bamber Mountain homestead cabin...

 Bamber Mountain info... 
Ferry County, Washington
Latitude (lat)
Longitude (long)
4452 ft.
1356 m
More on Bamber Mountain 
More to come ~ check back soon...

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